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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit
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P2, P4, P7 Literacy Support

The Literacy Support teachers are Mrs Young and Miss Galloway. They provide pupils with additional support and an opportunity to work at their own level in a small group setting. Working in these groups helps to increase confidence and allows them to develop skills in reading and writing.

Mrs Young


The children have all worked hard to complete their tests, and they are going to be busy to the end of term! P7s are going to be taking part in 'The Young Teachers' Club' where they will help the younger readers in P3. They will also be doing lots of activities connected to our rainforest theme and also some topical activities such the North West 200!

Primary 4s are revising lots of grammar and will be learning how to use speech marks and contractions. They have enjoyed finding examples in their reading books.

Primary 2 are growing plants of different kinds. Let's hope the sun shines!

Please remember that it's important to continue with reading and spellings every night.

April 2018- the children have all been very busy in class and we've had some fun along the way!

P7s have had fun learning about the importance of using commas correctly and p4's are getting very good at sorting words into their word types- nouns, verbs, adjectives.

P2 are starting to add middle vowel sounds to 3letter words.

March 2018

Primary 2 are managing well with their spellings. Keep practising these really well-remember there is a chance to get a prize from Mrs Sheeran if you get them all correct 4 weeks in a row!

Primary 4 are learning to write in the style of a play script. This has been great fun and we'll hopefully get the chance to 'act out' our plays. This is linked to our WAU theme, based on the topic of World War 2. 

Please remember to keep reading every night and practise those spellings for the daily test!

Primary 7s are writing crime reports and are looking carefully at the layout, content and style of writing involved. This has been a lot of fun for everyone! Find out who was guilty of stealing Mrs Gregg's phone!

Remember to spend as much time as possible reading your A.R. books. Points make prizes!

Spellings need to be learned thoroughly every night. 

January 2018

Primary 2

The children are well settled after the Christmas break and are ready to start spellings. They will each get 4 rhyming words and 2 high frequency words.

Please encourage your child to write neatly on the line and take care with the height of letters. Practise every day so that the learning is easy on a Thursday night in preparation for the Friday test.

Primary 3

Spellings are being learned well each week- keep this up! P3s are moved on to 4 letter words now-please help your child by practising daily.

Primary 4

The children are starting their topic based around World War 2. They have already enjoyed exploring similarities and differences between a child growing up during the war compared to now-a-days.





November 2017

Welcome back to all our pupils. I hope you all have a great half-term break, before a very busy term ahead!


Keep up the hard work with the reading, spellings and written homework.

Please keep checking your child's bag for extra games and activities to support their learning at home.

REMEMBER-TIME SPENT WITH CHILDREN IS TIME WELL SPENT.                                          

Primary 4-'Hey,hey, look at me.'

The boys and girls have been very busy finishing off their 'superhero' stories. Ask your child about their made-up superheroes- lots of great ideas!

Remember to keep revising spellings from the beginning of the year-(especially the ones you know they had difficulty with!) and keep up the hard work with the presentation.

P4's have started a new reading scheme 'Wellington Square' so I hope you enjoy reading these adventures with your child.

Why not do a spot check with their reading book and see if they can read 10 words at random from the story?

Ask your child to look for eg. speech marks, exclamation marks, commas, question marks. Sort sentences into questions and statements.

Find words which are nouns/verbs/adjectives. Keep going over high frequency reading word lists and use every opportunity when you're out and about to get reading.


Primary 3

Keep up the hard work with the spellings- remember- PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT!- Don't forget about '4-in-a-row'

In our reading, we will be trying to add some expression to make the books sound more interesting. Encourage this at home, and don't be scared to have some fun with it! 

We will be looking at the use of adjectives in our writing, so use any opportunity you have to get describing things around the house.

Primary 2

P2s have been working hard at their sounds and are blending these together.  Please try to reinforce these daily and check for good letter formation.

We will be learning the alphabet over the next few months, so get singing the alphabet song on the way home from school!

Try this- takes turns to say alternate letters in order- start with adult, then try it again, starting with the child. How far can you get without making a mistake?

We will also be practising in class matching capital letters to lowercase letters. You can try this at home too.

Why not try out the following website to reinforce high frequency words- the children have had fun cracking the dinosaur eggs in class.

Or why not enjoy a game of eye-spy on your way home from school.


Have fun and enjoy learning.


Mr Elliott                                                                         

Welcome to KS2 Literacy Support Section!  We hope you enjoy reading through what we're getting up to :)

The teacher this year for P5 - P7 Literacy Support is Mr Elliott.

Children are reminded to come prepared to class with all relevant books and a pencil case. A clear plastic folder can be purchased from the office for £1. Below is a list of items to bring to class:

  • English homework book
  • Daily Test book
  • Spelling book
  • Red word book
  • Pencil case
  • Diary
  • Jotter
  • Glasses (if worn)
  • Reading book

Homework Each night your child will receive reading and spellings (red word books apply to some children, their sight words should be practiced each night). Written English homework is sent home once / twice a week as it alternates. All written homework books have a guide attached in the front cover. When checking over please ensure your child adheres to the instructions. On returning homework please sign. Thursday night children are to revise over their spellings for the week to prepare for their Friday test. Please ensure that your child reads every night at home and learns spelling thoroughly.

Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see what we have been doing!

Term 1

Primary 5 throughout this term we will focus on our grammar topic nouns; being able to recognise a noun and identify what it is. The class will take part in practical activities, interactive displays as well as written work to help them grasp this topic. Nouns will be covered in depth moving on to look at common and proper nouns and then collective nouns. Homework will reinforce what has been taught in class. Spellings for the group will include revision of our phonics patterns and sight words. They will also be given the opportunity to revise these in class through games, interactive and i-pads. Each morning the Primary 5 class look over sight words and will repeat, in the hope they will recognise these words again.  Handwriting; the children are expected to join writing in class and home, they have each been given a poster of joint writing to help at home and school. Please ensure homeworks are completed in joint writing and to make sure their writing is neat and presentable. Keep reading with your child each night and to reinforce the importance of doing so.

Primary 6 Throughout this term we will focus on grammar, comprehension, Reciprocal Reading.  Handwriting and the presentation of our work is still very important and must be maintained at home and school. Grammar we are currently learning about nouns; recognising, identifying and using them, common and proper nouns and then reviewing collective nouns. Homeworks will reinforce topics covered in class. Comprehension and reading skills are practiced each week, we are currently focusing on developing a growing vocabulary of phrases and words which can be recognised and to clarify words unfamiliar to them.

Primary 7  It's all about VCOP!! We've been working hard on our writing skills learning about the acronym VCOP and what each letter stands for.  Through this we've been covering nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in grammar focusing on; identification, common/proper, collective and gender etc. We cover these through practical, interactive and written activities, hoping to develop our knowledge and to put into practice. Comprehension activities and reading activities each week. Reciprocal Reading we will look at Clarifying words from the story/ text and what we think they mean. We have been discussing in class about our hopes and fears for the coming year. Looking at possible solutions to overcome fears we may have.


Mr Elliott