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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit
Ballykeel’s Festival of Learning: Wednesday 21st March from 2.00 – 4.00pm | GENERATION CELEBRATION SPRING TEA PARTY Tuesday 20th March
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Targeted Support Miss Hill

March to April 2018

P5 Numeracy

Division - division of 2 and 3 digit numbers, with remainders

Number - fractions, decimals and negative numbers

Measures - weight, cubic volume

Shape - 3D shapes and nets

P5 Literacy

Questions - interview sports personality (link to creative writing), role of the questioner (reciprocal reading)

Grammar - comma, apostrophe, homophones and speech direct/reported

Comprehension - writing detailed answers, continued promotion of AR - reading books and taking tests

P4 Numeracy

Number - multiplication tables x2, x5 and x10, number sequence, fractions

Shape and space - directions, co-ordinates

Measures - standard units of measurements, using measuring equipment, recording measurements


January to Feb 2018

Below is a brief outline of the work to be completed by each year group.  Continued parental support will ensure that each pupil progresses.

P5 Numeracy

Money - counting coins and notes, show an amount, at the shop and word problems

Fractions - common fractions, a fraction of a shape

Angles - types, measurement

Decimals - introduce decimal numbers, place value, order a set of decimals

Problem solving - skills and strategies to help solve problems

Revision of multiplication tables

P5 Literacy

Grammar - use of the apostrophe, homophones, verb tense and recording speech

Comprehension - inference and reciprocal reading skills

Creative writing - a poster advertisement, play script, presentation, poems and story writing

P4 Numeracy

Subtraction - subtract Tens and Units with exchange

Addition - addition of Tens and Units, word problems

Place Value - use Base 10 to show Hundreds Tens Units, record numbers correctly, read number names, sequence and order numbers

Multiplication - x2, x10 and x5 revise tables, simple word problems

Money - to work with money up to the value of one pound

Miss Hill

This year at Ballykeel I am in the privileged position to be able to offer additional literacy and numeracy to some P4 and P5 pupils. The aim of this additional support is to help the targeted pupils succeed in literacy and numeracy by achieving their full potential.

These children have been very carefully and systematically selected by analysing their scores in standardised tests (in English, Maths & Intelligence {I.Q.}) and with professional judgement from their class teachers. Pupils are taught in small groups of 6 to 8.

It is expected that most children should achieve Level 2, in literacy and numeracy, at the end of Key Stage 1 and a  Level 4, at the end of Key Stage 2.  We select children that we believe would not achieve this expected level without this additional support. A major aim, therefore, of these withdrawal groups is that selected children achieve the expected Level.

Withdrawal group teachers meet with parents twice yearly to explain the support being provided, share pupil targets and suggest ways that parents can support learning at home.

Miss Hill


Latest Photographs



2nd Mar 2018
Primary 5 enjoy practical problem solving activities.
15th Jan 2018
P4 enjoy revising number names to one hundred.
15th Jan 2018
Primary 5 enjoy counting coins and giving change at the shop.
7th Dec 2017
Children made nets for a variety of 3D shapes.  They then used problem solving...