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Year 4

Welcome to Primary 4 

There are two P4 classes in Ballykeel Primary in 2017/2018 year.  The P4 teachers are Mrs. J Thompson and Mrs R. McKelvey.

We hope your child enjoys their year in Primary 4 and makes the most of all the wonderful learning opportunities on offer, both during and after school.  Each term we will post pictures of daily classroom life and also special events and trips we’ve taken part in.

 May - June

This term our theme is 'Let's Set Sail'

Within WAU lessons we will be looking at explorers, looking at hot and cold lands and also developing an appreciation of our own coastline. We will continue to work closely with our Shared Education partner school St.Brigid's to learn about safety at the beach and the RNLI. We will learn some pirate dances and take a trip to the beach together.  It promises to be a packed term with lots of new learning.


  • We will continue to work on 2x,10x and 5x tables and also learn 3x and 4x tables.
  • We will be revising work on1/2 and 1/4 within fractions.
  • We will be discovering the most common units of standard measure- the litre and the kilogram and doing lots of practical measuring.
  • We will be exploring data handing through bar graphs and Pirate Venn diagrams.
  • We learn how to calculate the area of simple shapes by counting cm2   


  • We will continue working on neat handwriting and presentation skills. We will be getting our cursive writing ready for the step into P5.
  • We will be learning about explanation writing to explain how we designed and created our own vehicle.
  • Within grammar we will be revising correct use of punctuation, conjunctions, using commas in a list and learning how to use speech marks in a sentence.
  • Within comprehension we will focus on predicting and questioning skills.
  • We will continue to work hard on our weekly phonics sounds to improve our spelling.

Below are some links to online games that will support your child's learning this term;



This half-term we are continuing to work on our theme 'Through the eyes of a child.'

Within WAU lessons we will be continuing to explore life on the home front during WW2 looking at rationing, evacuees and packing our own evacuee suitcases. We even have an exciting visit from a real WW2 home in our assembly hall.


  • We will continue to work on 2x,10x and 5x tables.
  • We will be learning to give directions using compass point and coordinates.
  • We will be ordering numbers up to 1000.
  • We will begin work on fractions of a whole- thinking about 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3.
  • Within time we will learn to read and record o'clock, half past, quarter hour times and 5 minute intervals.
  • We will learn the difference between digital and analogue clocks and how to read and record both.


  • We will continue working on neat handwriting and presentation skills. We have also now started cursive writing.
  • We will have an extended focus within writing on play scripts. Through hot seating, freeze frames and role play we will plan for and write play scripts about being an evacuee with a host family.
  • Within grammar we will be looking at adverbs and adjectives and how these can be used to improve our writing and our stage directions within our scripts.
  • Within comprehension we will focus on finding the main idea, fact or opinion and expressing points of view.
  • We will continue to work hard on our weekly phonics sounds to improve our spelling.

Below are some links to online games that will support your child's learning this term;


January - February

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break. This will be another busy term with our new WAU theme 'Through the Eyes of A Child'. 

This is a fun and interesting theme for term 2. P4 will be learning about children in different countries; their language, culture and homes. We will have the opportunity to do some research on the Ipads and in the library. We will be able to write poems and creative stories about how other children’s lives compare to a typical child from Ballymena!

We will also learn about children in World War 2 and how they were affected by the war.  We will think especially about evacuee children and their experiences during the war.


  • We will continue to revise and learn x2, x5 and x10 tables along with number facts up to 20.
  • We will improve our subtraction skills with exchanging up to 100.
  • The whole school focus on problem solving will take the form of practical investigations and solving word problems.
  • Money – learning about coins and working out how much change is needed from £1 and progressing to £5
  • Learn how to tell the time, using half past, quarter past and quarter to.


Below are some links to online games that will support your child's learning this term;


  • We will continue working on neat handwriting and presentation skills. We have also now started cursive writing.
  • We will explore a range of writing forms including – recount, letter writing and poetry.
  • We will improve our use of Grammar- full stops, capital letters, alphabetical ordering, adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs.
  • We will become familiar with reading and writing in the past and future tenses.
  • We will learn the definition of adverbs and learn to incorporate them into our written work.
  • Learn some tricky words (there, they’re, their, two, to, too, we, we’re,)
  • Begin to read with more confidence and expression.
  • In Comprehension activities we will focus on specific skills to improve our ability to answer with the correct information and in full sentences.
  • We will work on spelling correctly and accurately.


September - October Half Term 

This half-term is all about settling into the new routines of Primary 4.  We have lots of exciting new opportunities now that we stay to 3pm.  In the afternoons P4 will be learning to play the recorder and have the opportunity to stay for a huge variety of after school clubs e.g football, cooking crew, fitness frenzy and hockey. 

Below are some the things we will be learning about in class;


This term we will be consolidating our quick recall of number facts in number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and also our ability to double and half numbers. We will be exploring how to order and sequence numbers, add and subtract tens and units. We will also be learning how to tally when our birthdays are and display it in a bar graph. We will be learning about the months of the year and how to record dates on a calendar. 


Just like last year we will continue to have nightly spelling and reading homework which reflect the phonics sounds we are working on in class. We will be working on developing our comprehension skills in summarising and finding the main idea of a story. Linked to our theme in WAU we will be writing all about ourselves and also writing a creative story pretending we are a superhero! 


This term's theme is called 'Hey, hey look at me!' throughout this half term we will be focusing on ourselves, our talents, the events of our lives and how our lives compare to children's around the world. We will also discover our senses and how we take care of our bodies.  We will enjoy making links to our work in ICT, story writing and many other areas of our learning. 


What your child should bring each day

  • 2-3 Sharpened pencils
  • A sharpener
  • A rubber
  • A ruler
  • A Pritt Stick
  • A PE Kit to keep in school ( T-shirt, shorts and gym shoes.)
  • It is important that your child comes to school prepared with the correct equipment for all the planned activities for each day.

Homework routines

Homework is an important part of your child’s development and is a great way for you to encourage and support them in reinforcing what they are learning in school. It is important to make sure our homework diaries are kept up to date. This helps us remember what we have to do each night at home. Learning to rule and write in these books neatly is a big focus in term 1.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights children have:

  • Spellings  (Write out our spellings neatly and learn them. Our writing has to be PERFECT! Make sure your letters are the correct size and have a flick)
  • Tables
  • Reading
  • Written Maths, English or World Around Us homework
  • Take time each evening to help your child complete their homework carefully.  Make sure they have somewhere quiet to work and a pencil, rubber and ruler to complete written work. After written tasks, spellings and tables are completed please ensure that they all are signed by a responsible adult.   

Tips for learning spellings and tables

  • Ask your child to write down the words as you call them out.
  • Get your child to write them out 3-4 times without looking at their book to make sure they know them well.
  • Play quick fire games together in the car or whilst walking to school.


It is important to practise reading aloud and silently. In Primary 4 we are really focusing on fluency and expression however we also place a huge emphasis on reading for understanding.  After your child has read a few pages, stop and ask them questions like these- 

  • Where did the characters go on their magic adventure? 
  • How do you think Biff felt when she met…? 
  • Why do you think Kipper was angry when…?
  • Can you find me the sentence on page 8 that tells me what happened to the car?
  • Who was your favourite character in this reading book and why?
  • Have you ever had an experience like this one?


Whilst these are all simple things, they will make all the difference to your child’s learning.   We thank you for your support in this.

Don’t forget to sign all home works and check that your child is learning his/her tables every night!


Making friends in St Brigid’s.

This year we will be working closely with St. Brigid’s Primary School P4 class.  We will be meeting up several times this year to explore our WAU theme together through a range of lessons, visitors and trips. We are really looking forward to it.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Thompson and Mrs McKelvey


Below are some links to online games that will support your child’s learning this term;