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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit

Promoting Good Behaviour


At Ballykeel Primary School we aim to create a caring, secure environment where all our pupils feel happy and valued.  By promoting self-esteem, responsibility and consideration for others we will encourage our pupils to achieve their potential in all areas of their development.  Central to achieving our goals will be the co-operation and partnership between members of the whole school community.

Strategies for the promotion of good behaviour and discipline are highly effective as there is a strong sense of calm and order inside and outside of every class in the school.  The Positive Behaviour Policy, strategies and school rules have been agreed and are being reinforced consistently by all staff.

High priority is placed on a positive approach to discipline.  Extensive use is made of praise, encouragement and rewards.

Minor difficulties, worries or incidents involving any child, which arise within the classroom or in the playground are dealt with by the class teacher or the member of staff on duty.  The child/ren concerned are always fully involved in any discussion about an incident or concern.  More serious incidents or concerns about a child’s behaviour, health or welfare may be referred to the Head of Key Stage 1, Vice-Principal or Principal.  A child’s parent or guardian may be contacted if it is deemed necessary to involve them when dealing with a particular incident or concern.  A copy of the school’s Positive Behaviour Policy can be obtained from the school.