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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit

Miss Milligan Targeted Support

This year I will be teaching several pupils from P3, P4 and P5 for Numeracy small group withdrawal. You will find an overview of everything that you need to bring to class on the main year group class page, so please do read this carefully.

Within this small group withdrawal, your child will benefit from support to help them with their specific needs within Numeracy. Numeracy homework will be set each week, this will recap what your child has been doing in class. Therefore, I do encourage you to ensure that all homework is completed at home with lots of encouragement and support given to help your child progress within their learning.

Detailed below is a list of areas that will be covered in April, May and June.

P3 Numeracy

  • This term we will be continuing to learn tables each night so children have quick recall of number facts up to 20.
  • We are aiming to know our numbers to 100. We should be able to count to this number and recognise all numbers in written form.
  • We will use little ‘word problems’ to help your child develop problem solving skills and decide whether to add or subtract to get the correct answer.
  • Please help them with this at home by giving them little puzzles to work out for themselves.


P4 Numeracy

  • We will learn 3x and 4x tables while reinforcing previous multiplication facts.
  • We will be revising work on1/2 and 1/4 within fractions.
  • We will be discovering the most common units of standard measure - the litre and the kilogram and doing lots of practical measuring.
  • We will be exploring data handling through bar graphs and Pirate Venn diagrams.
  • We will learn how to read and plot simple coordinates on a grid.
  • We will complete coding activities on treasure maps using beebots.


P5 Numeracy

  • Please continue to revise times table facts and number bonds with your child as this will make a great impact on their work and will help them in other areas of numeracy.
  • Added to this, we will be working on angles, 3D shapes, area and perimeter, money, time, weight and probability.
  • With the progress in tables and the use of multiplication the children will be able to explore how to solve problems for all four functions, with the emphasis being on recognising key vocabulary in questions and subsequently being able to carry out the correct calculations.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Milligan.