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Targeted Support Miss Hill

Miss Hill

This year at Ballykeel I am in the privileged position to be able to offer additional literacy and/or numeracy support to some P6 and P7 pupils. The aim of this additional support is to help the targeted pupils to achieve their full potential.

These children have been very carefully and systematically selected by analysing their scores in standardised tests (in English, Maths & Intelligence {I.Q.}) and with professional judgement from their class teachers. Pupils are taught in small groups of 8.

It is expected that most children should achieve Level 2, in literacy and numeracy, at the end of Key Stage 1 and a  Level 4, at the end of Key Stage 2.  We select children that we believe would not achieve this expected level without this additional support. A major aim, therefore, of these withdrawal groups is that selected children achieve the expected Level.

Withdrawal group teachers meet with parents twice yearly to explain the support being provided, share pupil targets and suggest ways that parents can support learning at home.

Miss Hill


Term 1 - August, September and October

It is great to have all the children back in school and we are really looking forward to this autumn term.  Everyone has settled back into the school routine and they are enjoying being with their friends again.  I look forward to working with the children and will appreciate your continued support.



Daily homework will include spellings and reading.  One written homework will be set each week.  Please continue to practise reading and spellings each night.


Quick and accurate recall of number bonds (addition and subtraction) and tables (multiplication and division) is essential for success in maths.  Daily tables should be completed and frequently reinforced.  One written numeracy homework will be set each week.

Below is a brief outline of the work to be completed by each year group.  Continued parental support will ensure that each pupil progresses.

Primary 7   Numeracy

Place value

Revision of basic maths facts and operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Mental maths strategies

Problem solving and investigation strategies

Primary 6   Numeracy

Place value - thousands, hundreds, tens and units

Mental maths strategies

Basic addition and subtraction

Common fractions

Problem solving

Primary 6   Literacy

Reading comprehension skills - to clarify (work out meaning of unfamiliar words/phrases) and to summarise (capture the main idea)

Grammar - alphabetical order, different types of nouns and verbs

Creative writing - writing postcards, limericks and extended writing on 'My favourite' thing to do.


Miss Hill




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