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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit
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Miss Hill Literacy Support

Welcome to the Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7 Literacy Support Section! 

This year I have the privilege of offering Literacy Support for pupils in P5, P6 and P7 in our school.  This focussed support aims to provide additional Literacy support for pupils with a specific focus upon their reading, spelling and grammar skills.  Pupils engage in daily small group support sessions during Literacy time with 8 to 10 pupils in each group.  The small group setting helps pupils to build their confidence, love and enjoyment of literacy.

We hope you enjoy reading through what we're getting up to :)

Please keep checking the website and the photo gallery to see the fun children will be having during Literacy Support sessions.

Children are reminded to come prepared to class with all relevant books and a pencil case. A clear plastic folder can be purchased from the office for £1. Below is a list of items to bring to class:

  • English homework book
  • Daily Test book
  • Spelling book
  • Pencil case
  • Diary
  • Jotter
  • Glasses (if worn)
  • Reading book

Homework Each night your child will receive reading and spellings. Written English homework is sent home once a week. On returning homework please sign. Thursday night children are to revise over their spellings for the week to prepare for their Friday test. Please ensure that your child reads every night at home and learns spellings thoroughly.  Continue to encourage your child to read an AR book, and to take a quizz each week.



Term 1

Primary 5

September to October

Throughout this term we will focus on our grammar topic nouns; being able to recognise a noun and identify what it is. The class will take part in practical activities, interactive displays as well as written work to help them grasp this topic. Nouns will be covered in depth moving on to look at common and proper nouns and then collective nouns. Homework will reinforce what has been taught in class. Spellings for the group will include revision of our phonics patterns and sight words. They will also be given the opportunity to revise these in class through games, interactive and i-pads. Each morning the Primary 5 class look over sight words and will repeat, in the hope they will recognise these words again. Please ensure that all homework is completed and writing is neat and presentable. Keep reading with your child each night and to reinforce the importance of doing so.

November to December

Grammar and Punctuation

Sentence level work will focus on verbs in the present and past tense, using adverbs and different plural endings.  We will also identify different gender nouns.


Please support your child with forming and joining cursive letters neatly.


The skill of predicting will be introduced.  Please encourage your child to predict what will happen in stories.  Consider evidence (illustrations, text and blurb) to support predictions.


Continue to listen to your child read each night.  Please keep encouraging reading and taking tests on AR books.


Each night (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) please complete Home Practice 1 and 2.  Encourage your child to LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE and CHECK.  Identify the focus sound in the first 4 spellings. 

Week 1 - digraphs    Week 2 - ai, ay, a-e    Week 3 - ee, ea, e-e   Week 4 - ie, y, igh, i-e    Week 5 - oa, ow, o-e   Week 6 - ue, ew, u-e


Primary 6

September to October

Throughout this term we will focus on grammar, comprehension, Reciprocal Reading.  Handwriting and the presentation of our work is still very important and must be maintained at home and school. Grammar we are currently learning about nouns; recognising, identifying and using them, common and proper nouns and then reviewing collective nouns. Homeworks will reinforce topics covered in class. Comprehension and reading skills are practiced each week, we are currently focusing on developing a growing vocabulary of phrases and words which can be recognised and to clarify words unfamiliar to them.

November - December

We will continue to follow Year 6 class work.


To clarify - to work out what unfamiliar words or phrases mean.

To summarise pieces of text so that we capture the main idea.

Grammar and Punctuation

Sentence level work will include use of adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

We will also continue to reinforce use of basic punctuation marks.

Creative Writing

Children look at the key features of a comic strip and then plan and create a comic strip for the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.


Each night (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) please complete Home Practice 1 and 2.  Encourage your child to LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE and CHECK.  Identify the focus sound in the first 4 spellings.

Week 1 - ch, sh, th   Week 2 - Homophones   Week 3 - nch  Week 4 - se for s   Week 5 - ve for v   Week 6 - plurals ves


Primary 7  

September to October

It's all about VCOP!! We've been working hard on our writing skills learning about the acronym VCOP and what each letter stands for.  Through this we've been covering nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in grammar focusing on; identification, common/proper, collective and gender etc. We cover these through practical, interactive and written activities, hoping to develop our knowledge and to put into practice. Comprehension activities and reading activities each week. Reciprocal Reading we will look at Clarifying words from the story/ text and what we think they mean. We have been discussing in class about our hopes and fears for the coming year. Looking at possible solutions to overcome fears we may have.

November to December

We will continue to follow Year 7 class work.

To help improve our writing we will use VCOP strategies.  We aim  to develop sentence structure so that it is interesting and informative.  We will focus on the comprehension skill of clarifying (understanding the meaning of words).

Creative Writing

We will write a recount and create a colourful display of winter poetry.


Each night (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) please complete Home Practice 1 and 2.  Encourage your child to LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE and CHECK.  Identify the focus sound in the first 4 spellings.

Week 1 - age, ege    Week 2 - nge    Week 3 - ance    Week 4 - ancy    Week 5 - ence   Week 6 - ency


Miss D Hill


Latest Photographs



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Primary 2, enjoy ordering the jumbled numbers.
22nd Jan 2020
Primary 5, wrote Eco pledges to protect the environment and to be kind to wildlife.
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Primary 5, enjoyed a fun workshop with the Dairy Council.  Exercise and a balanced...
9th Jan 2020
Primary 5, have been using clues to help solve mathematics problems.