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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit



For primary aged children there is a close connection between feeling properly dressed and their general behaviour and attitude to work. Our modern functional uniform removes any peer pressure for individual styles or fashion, instils pride in our school, and is supported by parents. You will find that it’s much cheaper, in that two of each item of clothing will keep your child going for the year. All pupils are expected to wear a school uniform except on non- uniform days.

The school uniform is listed below:

Girls Boys
  • Yellow or black polo shirt
  •  Red school sweatshirt
  • Grey skirt or pinafore (knee length)
    or trousers
  • Grey tights or grey or white knee
  • Sensible black shoes (no coloured
  • Red and white check summer


  • Yellow or black polo shirt
  • Red school sweatshirt
  • Grey trousers
  • Dark grey or black socks
  • Sensible black shoes (no
    coloured markings)
  • Grey ‘trouser style’ shorts in
    the warmer weather



P.E. Uniform:

All children require PE slippers.

- P.1 and P.2 do not change clothes for P.E.
- P.3 need shorts, a full length tee-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.
- P.4 to P.7 need shorts, a full length tee-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers if going outside.

The basic PE uniform of gutties, shorts, full length tee-shirts and tracksuit bottoms are kept in school and will be sent home for washing at the discretion of the teacher, but at least every half term. It is preferable that trainers are kept in school, but they can be taken to and from school if necessary.


For health and safety reasons, the only jewellery which is permitted to be worn in school is a small flat surfaced watch (no cameras permitted), one flat surfaced ring and one small stud earring in each ear. No other piercings are permitted.

Hair for ALL pupils must be kept neat and tidy and longer hair tied back where possible. Elaborate hair decorations are not permitted, plain bobbles, clips and hair bands only. Unnatural colours and prominent stylings (e.g. blocked dying, stripes, buzzed/razor cuts etc) are not acceptable. We do not permit hair colouring, tints, dyes, highlights, coloured braids or extreme shapes and styles where one part of the head looks very different from another part. This also means no skin fade and no hair shaven to the scalp. Lines shaved into the head are not permitted.


Class of the Month for Uniform 2023/24:

September – P4LK

October – P1KH

November - P4AT

December - P3McC

January - P5McM

February - P6JT

March - P5AM

April - P7JH

May - P1KC

June -