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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit

Star Pupils


Pupil Of The Week

At Ballykeel Primary School we are keen to recognise the achievements of our children. Every week teachers pick a "Pupil of the Week". This can be given for all sorts of things - good behaviour, helping others, work in class and so on. Pupils are presented with a special certificate, prize and sticker during Assembly. Their photographs are displayed outside the main office.

Pupil Of The Month

Each month teachers pick a "Pupil of the Month" from their class. These children receive a certificate and enjoy a special "Tea Party with the Principal". Check out the News section to see our latest star pupils.

Golden Class

Every month our children compete to be the Golden Class. Children can earn a golden ball for outstanding work, behaviour, being kind or having good manners. Mrs Sheeran, Mr Fisher and Mrs Thompson are constantly looking for an opportunity to award a golden ball in the playground, corridors, classrooms and assembly hall.

The class at the end of the month with the most Golden Balls wins extra play time (P1-P2) or a week off written homework (P3-P7).

Other Stars

Star Pupils can also be children who perhaps win awards or recognition for sporting or musical achievements outside of school.  

We also reward good attendance with a Chill-Out Day; and good uniform with a treat box for the class. 


Star Pupils

18th Dec 2020
Megan has been kind, helpful and cheerful all week , a great girl. 
11th Dec 2020
Abbie has been making a great effort to get work finished on time and a lovely improvement...
11th Dec 2020
Our role model of the week is Joshua. Joshua is a helpful and kind boy. He is also...
4th Dec 2020
Cora has got this award for lovely literacy work and putting on an amazing performance...
4th Dec 2020
Our role model of the week is Rio. Rio has been trying really hard with his work...
27th Nov 2020
Skylar is our role model of the week as she is a hardworking girl and is making excellent...