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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit

Year 3

Welcome to Primary 3

Welcome back after your Summer holidays. We know that they will be looking forward to seeing their friends again. We will be doing lots of activities which will help your child settle back into routine again. We will regularly publish information and pictures on our class page and on the Seesaw app, so remember to keep looking out for these updates. It’s a good way of keeping in touch with your child’s learning and progress. Seesaw will be used as our main communication method, make sure you have access to the app.

We also welcome our new team members Mr O’Hare (P3RO), Mrs Elder (P3RO) and Miss Glover (P3CM).

Please ensure that your child has everything they need for their school day.

  • Healthy break
  • 2 sharpened HB pencils
  • 1 Pritt stick (white)
  • 1 rubber
  • 1 sharpener
  • Pencil case
  • A 12 pack of colouring pencils


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights the children will have:

  • Reading
  • Spellings
  • Tables

*Spellings and tables will be sent home half-termly in booklet form – these will be sent home every Monday and returned on a Friday.

Written Homeworks:

Monday: Literacy homework (game or written activity)

Wednesday: Numeracy homework (game or written activity)

Thursday: Make a special effort to revise tables and spellings for the Friday Test the next day.

We thought you might appreciate these Homework Hints.


Your child will need:

  • A quiet place
  • A flat surface
  • A sharp pencil and a rubber
  • Time - don’t leave homework until it’s late

Once your child has completed his/her homework, please make sure you sign it.

Tips for learning spellings

  1. Look at the words
  2. Say them
  3. 3. Cover them
  4. Write them
  5. Check them

Have your child spend some time learning spellings for him/herself. Teach them to use these steps.

Ask your child to write down the words as you call them out.

Make sure they have completed the spellings section in their spelling booklet.

Learning Tables

  • Have your child say or write tables at least 3 times,
  • Jumble up the order of the tables,
  • Ask some ‘quick fire’ questions to develop good mental maths skills.


It is important to practice reading aloud. Choose a few pages to read aloud, focusing on fluency and expression.

Discuss what your child has read and sign the reading log book.

World Around Us Theme 1: HOME SWEET HOME

During the first term we study the theme ‘Home Sweet Home’. We learn about how houses are built, what materials are used. We discuss together what makes a house a home and this leads us nicely in to talking as a group about our families, our special memories, our family celebrations in our homes. Having thought about how much we all have, we then focus on those who do not have the same as us-homelessness, homes around the world, and these help us empathise with others. Our creative ‘juices’ start flowing when we dream up our little magical, mythical homes and recreate these in clay.


These are the areas that we will be covering up to Christmas:

Number –

  • Add numbers mentally and in written form up to 20.
  • Make and learn number bonds to 20.
  • Recognise coins up to 20p.

Measures –

  • Be able to use language to describe, compare and order length of various objects.
  • Know the days of the week and their sequence.

Shape –

  • Recognise and name common 2-D shapes
  • Be able to describe 2-D shapes according to their properties e.g. 4 corners, straight sides and number of sides.

Data Handling

  • We will be recording results using a Venn diagrams and Pictograms.


Reading –

  • Use visual clues to find information.
  • Be able to recognise words and use Jolly Phonics for unfamiliar words.
  • Talk about what they have read and answer questions.

Writing –

  • Talk about what they are going to write.
  • Write words using Jolly Phonics.
  • Encourage good punctuation when writing sentences and stories i.e. capital letters and full stops.
  • Ensure handwriting is neat and tidy.

Thank-you for your support and co-operation this year!

Mrs. Montgomery and Mr. O’Hare






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