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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit

Mrs Esler

Hello everyone, and welcome to Ballykeel Nursery! We hope you are enjoying your first days with us. The adults in our class this year are Mrs Esler (Teacher) and Mrs Richmond (Classroom Assistant), and we look forward to getting to know everyone well.

Settling In & Routines:

Please remember that from Tuesday 24th August - Thursday 9th September the children will only attend on specific days (from 9.30am - 12 noon) to help them settle in to the class and allow Staff to get to know them all individually. From Friday 10th September onwards the whole class are in every day, and from Monday 13th September doors will open at 8.45am with our official start time being 9.00am.

From Monday 27th September onwards, some children in the class will start staying for dinner (finishing at 1pm) while the rest of the class continue going home as normal (12 noon). On Friday 1st October all children will stay for dinner and go home at 1pm. We will let you know beforehand when your child starts staying for dinner. 

From Monday 4th October all children are in for the full session of 9.00am - 1.30pm (including dinner). Doors will open at 8.45am and 1.15pm to allow for dropping off and collection.

We hope that your child will settle into life in the Nursery with ease, but don’t be alarmed if they need a little extra support with this, it can be perfectly normal. Please be guided by the Nursery Staff if your child requires a longer period of time to settle in.

Topics this term:

During the months of September and October we will be focusing on settling in, and gradually increasing the days and extending the time to the full session. Our theme for September will be ‘All About Me’. We will be talking about ourselves, our features, our likes and dislikes, our families and our new friends in the Nursery. In October the theme will be ‘Harvest’. We will be talking about various fruits and vegetables, where they come from, the season Autumn, and changes in weather. We will discuss and promote healthy eating through daily snack and dinner.

A few other reminders ....

Name It - please ensure all items of clothing (uniform, coat, hat etc) have your child's name on them. It's a good idea to check these regularly as sometimes they can fade or come off in the wash.

Nursery News - our classroom door will be used to display any important information/reminders, as well as these being sent on Seesaw. Please ensure your Seesaw is turned on and checked reguarly as this is our main means of communication for information and for updating your about your child's learning.

Home-Time Box - each child has a speical box where they will keep any art, craft and paintings they do in Nursery. These items can be taken home at the end of each day.

Parent Pay - emails have been sent inviting you to sign up to the cashless payment system used in school. Further information will be sent via Seesaw about using this method to pay for Nursery Fund and School Dinners.

Nursery Newsletter - our newsletter will be posted on the school website, sent on Seesaw and disaplyed on the classroom door. Please read carefully information contained in this, and try to encourage your child by talking about the topics we are covering and perhaps even trying the songs and rhymes they will be using in Nursery.

Illness - it is very important that your child is NOT sent to Nursery if they are displaying any of the symptons associated with COVID-19. We would also ask that you do not give your child calpol/nurofen or similar medications before school as these can mask some of the COVID-19 symptons.


We hope your child has a memorable year in Ballykeel Nursery Unit; please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.


Mrs Esler and Mrs Richmond