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January-February 2020


Primary 2 literacy

The P2s will be continuing to use their phonics to start blending little words together eg. c-a-t  cat, b-u-n  bun.

Keep a look out for lots of new words to practise sounding out - say each sound then put them together. 

The children have a red book with lots of words to practise each night- keep going over these to develop their confidence.

The children will be practising rhyming words and will be reading stories with rhyming patterns. How many words can you think of which rhyme with 'cat', bag, pet ......

Remember to read every night and ask your child to point to different words from the story.


P4 literacy

P4s have been learning about homophones- words which are spelt differently but sound the same eg hear/here, knight/night, their/there. Why not look out for some in your reading books. 

Why not try looking for examples of nouns, verbs and adjectives in a reading book?

The children will have a new booklet for their weekly spellings- in class they will practise them three times, then another two times at home. We are using the Look-say-cover-write-check method.


P4 numeracy

The p4s are moving onto hundreds/tens/ units now. Please practise saying numbers and asking your child what the value of each number is eg. 326= 3 hundreds   2 tens   6 units

Try to use any opportunities for problem solving - eg. How long is it until we leave for school? How much change will I get? How many sweets are there altogether if everyone has 5 each? 

Keep working at number bonds and knowing mental maths sums really quickly. 

Primary 2 ideas for home

Here are some simple ideas for you to try at home:

  1. Snap- make a set of cards using about 6 simple words (2 of each card) eg. I, and, can, see, the, me. You could practise the character names too- Chip, Kipper, Mum, Dad, Biff and Floppy. Make sure your child reads the words each time.
  2. Use the snap cards and place face down. Take turns to turn 2 cards over. Read the words and if they are a pair, keep the cards. You can use this with letters as well. The player with the most cards wins!
  3. Find the hidden words/letters- write words/letters onto a post-it/piece of paper and hide around the kitchen or living room- ask your child to bring you the letter 'a' or word 'and' and so on.
  4. Ask your child to bring you something beginning with eg. 's'   sock, saucepan, sauce 
  5. Use your reading book- ask your child to find the word 'the', 'Chip' etc
  6. Write down lots of letters on a page (start with  s, a, t, i ,p, n). Ask your child to circle all the a's , all the t's  and so on. Try it with words also eg circle all the 'and' words, 'the' words.
  7. If you've magnetic letters, why not use these to make words, sort letters too.


Primary 4 - numeracy ideas 

The p4s will be revisiting skills which were taught during p3 and we will be building on these. They will be developing their quick recall of number bonds from 1-10 to start with. The children will learn how to identify odd and even numbers and recognise pattern within the 100 square. 

Mathematical language will be developed throughout the term.

Try to use every opportunity to do numeracy when out and about. Here are some simple ideas to get you started!

  • who can spot the number eg. 25 / 18 / 11 first? Look at door numbers, number plates, sign posts.....
  • add the numbers on the number plate of the car/bus in front of you.
  • Look at the door numbers- are they odd or even?
  • Look for a number between eg 10 and 20. Who is the 1st to find one?
  • Can you spot any number words written anywhere?
  • Who will be first to spot a multiple of 10?
  • Find 1 more than eg.18
  • Have fun while doing maths- if they see you enjoying it, they'll enjoy it too. 
    Please check your child's class page as a reminder of what is needed for school each day and to find out more about what is going on.
    I hope you all enjoy the photos which will follow as soon as the pupils get back to school.

Mrs Young-Literacy/Numeracy Support teacher




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