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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit

Pastoral Care & Child Protection

Mrs Sheeran, Principal
Mrs Sheeran, Principal
Mrs Thompson, Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection
Mrs Thompson, Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection
Mr Fisher, Designated Teacher for Child Protection
Mr Fisher, Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of our pupils is central to the ethos of the school and all staff are committed to it.  The environment is always welcoming and children feel safe and secure in the happy, caring and ordered atmosphere, which exists in the school. The pastoral care co-ordinator and the Principal ensure that comprehensive policies are in place, which are reviewed regularly, and all staff incorporate personal development into their teaching.

We aim to reassure our children that their worries and concerns will be listened to sensitively and sympathetically, and we encourage them to respond appropriately in situations affecting their welfare.  The safety and welfare of children is paramount and risk assessments are carried out in relation to health and safety.

We have a School Welfare Officer, Mrs D McIlwaine, who children can speak to if they have worries or concerns.

Child Protection

The most important role of the school lies in the protection and safety of the children in its care.  The E.A’s Health and Safety Policy, which has been adopted by the Board of Governors and is reviewed annually, outlines procedures for the general safety and welfare of pupils on a day-to-day basis.  The moral responsibility for the protection of children, however, extends beyond this and is the duty of every adult in the school.  Childhood is a wonderful yet vulnerable part of life. Children deserve the full protection of society, its institutions and their personnel, particularly those who comprise the caring professions and are regularly in contact with them.  All children should be protected from violence and kept safe from harm in an environment where they are properly cared for, without fear, and feel secure.  The school will endeavour to uphold these standards and to ensure that decisions made by the Governors, Principal and members of the teaching staff have the welfare of the child as their paramount consideration.

We ensure that all staff and others who are invited to be involved as volunteer helpers/leaders on trips, residential visits, or other out of school activities are subject to vetting procedures in keeping with current arrangements for the care and protection of young people.

Parents are regularly sent a copy of child protection procedures and the policy, which is in line with the requirements of the Department of Education’s ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection in Schools – A Guide For Schools’ (2017). This is reviewed regularly by the Designated Teacher, the Vice-Principal, Mr J Fisher.  The Deputy Designated Teachers are Mrs J Thompson and Mrs Muller.

Copies of the Child Protection Policy are available on request, and within the Policies section of the website.


The school is completely opposed to bullying and will not tolerate it.  It is entirely contrary to the values and principles we live by.  All members of the school community have a right to work in a secure and caring environment.  Any inappropriate behaviour that gets in the way of teaching and learning in the school and interferes with the well-being of pupils cannot be accepted.  The school’s detailed policy is available on request, and within the Policies section of the website.