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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit
Book fair & MacMillan Coffee Morning: Thurs 26th Sept. Notes will be sent home soon with info! | P1 finish school at 12.30 (16th Sept - 27th Sept) | P1 Pyjama Party-Mon 30th Sept | SCHOOL CLOSED for staff training on Fri 20th Sept | P4-P7 Clubs start W/B Mon 16th Sept
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Mrs McKelvey Targeted Support

This year I have the privilege of delivering Targeted Support as part of the 'Improving Literacy and Numeracy programme' to some P4 and P5 pupils.   The aim of this additional support is to help the targeted pupils succeed in literacy and numeracy by achieving their full potential.

These children have been very carefully and systematically selected by analysing their scores in standardised tests (in English, Maths & Intelligence {I.Q.}) and with professional judgement from their class teachers. Pupils are taught in small groups of 6 or 7. 

It is expected that with the support of this small group teaching pupils will make significant progress in their confidence and will develop the skills to think and question for themselves. It is also hoped that with this extra boost of targeted teaching pupils will make progress in their Literacy and Numeracy scores.  

I will meet with parents at October Parent/teacher interviews to explain the support being provided, share pupil targets and suggest ways that parents can support learning at home.

Primary 5 Literacy

  • Focus on various aspects of grammar, including  nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.  
  •  Tenses, punctuation marks and grammar to be able to spot mistakes and fix them correctly through ‘Improving Together’ and editing passages.  
  • Be able to recognise where types of punctuation are needed and be able to insert them into sentences or a passage.
  • Within comprehension children will be gradually introduced to reciprocal reading and accelerated reader.  This will help the children understand what they are reading, and develop skills of inference. It is important that the children keep reading and, when possible, are questioned at home on what they have read to confirm understanding.
  • Our whole school focus is on creative writing this year. The children will build upon their skills of adding detail, writing in full sentences and using the correct punctuation and grammar. This term we will focus of imaginative writing, report writing and creating a Stone Age Menu.

Primary 5 Numeracy

  • Develop the knowledge and speed of recall of number bonds and times tables - 2x,3x,4x, 5x and 10x. Progressing to 6x and 7x tables this term.  it is important these tables are learned every night.
  • Exploring problem solving for addition, subtractions and multiplication functions, with the emphasis being on recognising key vocabulary in questions and subsequently being able to carry out the correct calculations.
  • Develop a secure understanding of place value up to thousands and be able to read and write numbers in words confidently.

Primary 4 Literacy

  • Focus on the weekly phonics sound- beginning by focussing on silent letters.
  • Within grammar pupils will secure their understanding on parts of a sentence- nouns, verbs adjectives.  Pupils will also work on using accurate punctuation in their written work.
  • Develop comprehension skills in summarising and finding the main idea of a story.
  • Develop reading fluency and expression relying on decoding strategies to support reading more challenging passages.
  • Linked to our theme in WAU we will be writing all about ourselves and also writing a creative story pretending we are a superhero!