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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit

First official meeting of our Eco committee

13th Nov 2019

On Monday 11th November the Eco committee met to discuss the findings of our environmental review. The pupils went through each of the 11 topics and made lots of suggestions for improvement. These were discussed by the committee. All approved suggestions will be included in our future action plan.

Please read the minutes of the meeting to find out more! some exciting times are ahead! 

Eco Committee Minutes

11th November 2019

Meeting started at 2.15 p.m.

Present –

Mrs Sheeran                                                                                        Lewis and Robyn

Mrs Allen                                                                                              Amy and Tate                                           

Mrs Gregg                                                                                                   Lee and Alex

Mrs Thompson                                                                                               Kyla and Riley

Mr Fisher                                                                                                          Paige and Evie

Mrs Holmes                                                                                                     Joel and Ben

                                                                                                                           Brooke and Aaliyah

                                                                                                                           Leah and Ethan

This was the first meeting of our Eco-committee and Mrs Allen started by giving out copies of the environmental review that had been completed in October 2019.

Each pair of pupils had a particular topic to present to the committee and these topics were discussed as a group.

Biodiversity –

The idea of putting hedging around the school fencing was agreed as a good idea.

It was agreed to plant a plum orchard of 4-6 trees in an area near the pond but that protection would be needed around the trees to protect them from the lawnmowers during grass-cutting.

A wildflower meadow was suggested and everyone agreed it was a great idea if a suitable location could be found within the school grounds.

It was agreed that peat free compost should be used in future especially as it is cheaper. Mr Fisher then told the group that free compost was available from the local council.

It was agreed that hedgehog passages would be made.

It was agreed that 1 class would carry out a biodiversity survey so that we could decide on future targets.

Climate Change –

There are currently bins for plastic in the resource areas but it was agreed that plastic bins should be purchased for each classroom and the staffroom. It was noted that monitors in each class would be helpful to remind everyone to use the bins properly.

Energy –

It was decided that each class should have a thermometer to show if the temperature within that room was comfortable.

Eco walks will be carried out on a regular basis to make sure lights are switched off when not in use.

It was agreed that the school electricity bill would be available to monitor usage and see if progress is being made.

Global Perspective –

The right of the child is already covered within Living and Learning work within PDMU.

Issues around the world is covered within the Rainforest topic in Term 3 of P7 and also covered within various assemblies delivered from outside speakers.

Healthy Living –

A healthy lunch survey is to be organised to see how well we are following this. There is already a healthy break policy in place but lunch is not monitored so this is something to consider.

The daily mile is to be developed so all classes will take place by the end of the year. P5MA have already measured this and found 5 laps of the football pitch and the length of the secret garden is exactly 1 mile.

Yoga lessons were suggested and this was something that had already been discussed within the parental consultation group. Mrs Holmes is to investigate this further and this is to form a new area of development.


New plastic bins had already been agreed, so the topic of brown bins was raised. The canteen already use brown bins for food waste and this is to continue. Brown bins will also be provided in the staff room but not in classrooms at this time.

The litter picking rota and survey have started with 9 bags of rubbish collected during the first collection. The amount was surprising and so were some of the objects found! Pupils showed a good awareness of health and safety and know not to touch anything sharp or dangerous.

Mrs Sheeran agreed to produce a policy for litter and the Eco-committee will put up more posters around the school.


A good discussion was had about using paper straws instead of plastic for the milk at breaktime. We also thought about washing the plastic straws before reusing them but the numbers are so low at the moment it was not a priority.

The Eco committee agreed to work on lessons about plastic pollution which could be delivered during assembly to raise awareness.

Outdoor Learning-

A survey about outdoor lessons is to be completed at a later date.


Pupils are to be asked to continue to remind parents not to park in front of the school gates and another article in the bugle has been suggested.

Transport challenge is to be organised by a chosen class who will then try to complete the challenge.

The idea of a bike shelter for rainy days was raised. The cost of a full length shelter was too expensive but Mrs Sheeran is to look at the cost of a shorter shelter as an option.


As the office do not currently use recycled paper it was decided that Mrs Sheeran would find out the cost of recycled paper.


The water bill is to be checked to see if the school pays a set charge that is not based on usage and also if the school canteen is under a different system.

Out of the 11 topics covered, 5 were chosen as areas of focus. The existing topics of Litter, Energy and Transport along with the new areas of Healthy Living and Biodiversity.