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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit
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P7SG - Smartie Party

26th Oct 2018

Well, it was a riot of colour today in P7G with Literacy, Art, Maths & Science all based around colours and Smarties!

The children painted with hot and cold colours and designed a pair of Smartie Pants!  Well Done to Rachel for winning the best Smartie Pants design.

Using a tube of Smarties, we worked out the frequency of each colour, creating a graph.  We used the graph to answer questions, and we worked out the probability of getting certain colours. Did you know that there are about 32 Smarties in each tube?

We made our own 'Lava Lamp' using some household goods.  The children discussed why the oil floated on top of the water, and what happened when the alka seltzer tablet began to fizz.

Using a thesaurus, each pupil had to find synonyms for words.  Using a paint colour card, they then ranged these synonyms in strength order.

Finally, all caution (and glitter) was thrown to the wind as they decorated a cupcake with rainbow icing.  Let's just say P7G feel that less is not more!

We all had a really enjoyable day at the Smartie Party!